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Volo Group was founded in June 2007, with the disassembly and part sales of one Gulfstream II. Since then, Volo Direct has grown and expanded by diversifying into regional and corporate aircraft.

img-38.jpg Alberto Santos-Dumont(1873-1932) Brazilian aviation pioneer.

Dumont Group was founded in January 2013. However, its predecessor companies Elcorta and MX Jet Services have a history at the New Castle Airport in Delaware (KILG) going back to 1974.

The inspiration for the name and logo came from the Brazilian aviation pioneer, Alberto Santos-Dumont (1873-1932). In October 1906, Santos-Dumont piloted the first heavier than air machine in Europe, as verified by the Aero-Club de France. Santos-Dumont had many other aviation firsts and is widely considered by many to be the "father" of aviation. He was rarely seen without his wide brimmed hat.

Dumont Group and Volo Direct have continued to grow rapidly by offering moderately priced products and services backed by expertise and strong customer service. The company now serves customers worldwide from six facilities. We continue to find ways to grow and offer the best suite of aviation products and services.

dumont group timeline

  • 2018

    Dumont executes purchase agreement for 17 additional Falcon 2000 aircraft

    Dumont Group sponsors Leavine Family Racing and the No. 95 NASCAR

  • Dumont Group certified as Wyvern Wingman Operator

    Dumont Group adds 7th Falcon 2000 into Part 135 fleet

  • Dumont Group expands South with new location in Orlando, Florida

    Dumont Group becomes an IS-BAO registered company June 2018

  • Dumont Group Acquires 5 Hawker 800XP’s July 2018

    Dumont Group announces the addition of two additional Gulfstream IV-SP’s to the fleet July 2018

  • Dumont certified as a member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation. July 2018

    Dumont Group acquires 8 Beechjet 400XP’s

  • 2017

    Dumont Group launches Falcon 2000 Fractional Program

  • 2016

    Dumont Aviation adds new facility in Fort Worth, TX

  • 2015

    Dumont Aviation adds new facility in Bloomington, IL

    Acquisition of former Campbell’s Soup facility at ILG

  • 2014

    Dumont Aviation expands product and services offering to include Aircraft Charter and Aircraft Management

    Volo Direct expands to a 44,000 sq. ft. facility

  • 2013

    Dumont Aviation founded with purchase of Elcorta/MX Jet Services

  • 2012

    Volo Direct expands to new 15,000 sq. ft. facility

  • 2007

    Volo Direct founded

  • 1992

    Turbojet sale

    First Management contract with a Citation 500 and 501

Dumont Group


Mark Becker Staff Accountant
302-276-7419 mark.becker@dumontgroup.com
Katrina Brown Staff Accountant
302-317-3204 katrina.brown@dumontgroup.com
Brianna Corley Staff Accountant
302-317-3208 brianna.corley@dumontgroup.com
Tom Hugh Chief Financial Officer
05-877-7404 tom.hugh@dumontgroup.com
Barb McLaughlin Staff Accountant
302-317-3210 barbara.mclaughlin@dumontgroup.com
Berit Morgan Staff Accountant
302-317-3312 berit.morgan@dumontgroup.com
Jarrett Van Pelt Controller
302-276-7439 Jarrett.VanPelt@dumontgroup.com

Human Resources/Administration

Matthew Cowdery HR Recruiter/Generalist
302-317-3216 matthew.cowdery@dumontgroup.com
Shelby Gandy HR & Building Admin
302-317-3316 Shelby.gandy@dumontgroup.com
Chip Keever Graphic Designer
302-584-1599 chip@prospercreativedesign.com
Lindsey Kramer-Nesci Human Resources Manager
302-276-7418 lindsey.kramer-nesci@dumontgroup.com
Amber Martin Director of Corporate Relations
302-530-9722 amber.martin@dumontgroup.com

Dumont JETS

JETS Administration

Olivia Animasaun Admin Assistant
302-356-9909 olivia.animasaun@dumontgroup.com
Mitty Copeland Admin Assistant
302-356-9908 mitty.copeland@dumontgroup.com
Ashley Welch Project Manager
302-356-9902 ashley.welch@dumontgroup.com

Flight Operations

Samuel Brickley Crew Scheduler
302-356-9927 samuel.brickley@dumontgroup.com
Dumont JETS Flight Operations
302-317-3300 ops@dumontgroup.com
Tim Lomakin Director of Operations
302-356-9903 tim.lomakin@dumontgroup.com
Cody Short Flight Operations Manager
302-317-3300 cody.short@dumontgroup.com
John Woodall Chief Pilot
302-317-3300 john.woodall@dumontgroup.com
Ed Zimmerman Director of Safety
302-317-3300 ed.zimmerman@dumontgroup.com

Maintenance Control

Mary Ackermann Quality Assurance Specialist
302-356-9898 mary.ackerman@dumontgroup.com
Brien Anders Director of Maintenance Operations
302-356-9958 brien.anders@dumontgroup.com
Taylore Jervey Quality Assurance Specialist
302-356-9898 taylore.jervey@dumontgroup.com
Dumont JETS Maintenance Control
302-356-9898 dacmx@dumontgroup.com
Brittany Whalen Quality Assurance Specialist
302-356-9898 brittany.whalen@dumontgroup.com
Moses Zephy Quality Assurance Specialist
302-356-9898 moses.zephy@dumontgroup.com


Ed Connor Charter Sales
302-317-3310 ed.connor@dumontgroup.com
Dumont JETS Charter Sales
302-317-3310 charter@dumontgroup.com
Jim McGroarty Charter Sales
302-317-3310 jim.mcgroarty@dumontgroup.com
John Parsons Charter Sales
407-451-9693 john.parsons@dumontgroup.com
Doug Walton Charter Sales
302-317-3310 doug.walton@dumontgroup.com

Dumont MRO

MRO Administration

Tim Hunter, Sr. MRO Planner
302-317-3305 tim.hunter@dumontgroup.com
Darrin Price Director of Customer Service and Planning
302-317-3314 darrin.price@dumontgroup.com
Elvie Van Dyk Administrative Specialist
302-317-3313 elvie.vandyk@dumontgroup.com

New Castle, DE – ILG

Troy Bembenek Maintenance Supervisor
302-777-1003 troy.bembenek@dumontgroup.com
Andrew Gehman Assistant Chief Inspector
302-317-3306 andrew.gehman@dumontgroup.com
Mike McGlade Chief Inspector - ILG
302-322-6005 mike.mcglade@dumontgroup.com
James Moore Director of Maintenance
302-317-3305 james.moore@dumontgroup.com

Bloomington, IL - BMI

Derek Craig Director of Maintenance - BMI
309-661-0200 derek.craig@dumontgroup.com
Stacy Miller Building Administrator - BMI
309-661-0200 stacy.miller@dumontgroup.com
Tom Scott Chief Inspector - BMI
309-661-0200 tom.scott@dumontgroup.com

Fort Worth, TX – FWS

Bryan Bell Director of Maintenance
817-615-8546 bryan.bell@dumontgroup.com
Tom Henson Chief Inspector - FWS
817-615-8546 tom.henson@dumontgroup.com
Khoa Le Refurbishment Manager
817-615-8546 khoa.le@dumontgroup.com


Justin Bilek Materials Manager
302-317-3309 justin.bilek@dumontgroup.com
Dumont MRO Parts Room
302-276-7400 AOGParts@dumontgroup.com

Volo Direct

Volo Direct

Volo Direct Sales
302-250-4040 sales@volodirect.com
Nancy Gill Operations Manager
302-317-3205 nancy.gill@volodirect.com
Fletcher McDonald Sales Associate
302-250-4040 Fletcher.McDonald@volodirect.com
Abraham Steynberg Sales, Africa
+27 (82) 468-7675 abraham.steynberg@dumontgroup.com
Jason Vallicott Sales Associate
302-250-4040 jason.vallicott@volodirect.com


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